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Whether you're embarking on a brand new exercise regime or just want to switch up your current habits, you’ll need a personal trainer that is highly qualified with a friendly, yet motivational attitude. Look no further than Brian Shea Personal Fitness – you’ve found one. I am an expert in helping my clients achieve their goals, and can design an exercise and nutrition plan to ensure that you get the body that you’ve always wanted. I operate across Paisley and work with others from various locations online – contact me through our booking form to get that first session booked in!

PT Services

I recognise that training needs are individual – that’s why I offer dedicated one-on-one training sessions to help you achieve your goals. Our training sessions take place in a fully equipped gym . To accompany your regular exercise sessions, you will have 

 ▪️8 to 16 one to one sessions , in person or online via zoom (two one to one sessions each week ) - per month
▪️Arranged group workouts -
▪️8 week nutrition plan and guidance
▪️weekly group challenge - -
▪️measurements , fitness testing and progress chart-
▪️access to personal training app including workouts and video demonstrations - -
▪️day to day workout Schedule - -
▪️access to private FB group - -
▪️recipe books -

Experienced Trainer

I have many years of experience in personal training and have worked with a wide range of athletes to help them hit their fitness targets. Rest assured, I have the skills to mix up your training regime and help to achieve your goals you whilst have fun – no matter if you're training for an athletic milestone like a marathon or just want to get in shape for a beachside holiday.

Importance of sleep for weightloss

If you are getting less then 8 hours sleep you aren’t getting enough sleep to fully recover and your probably sleep deprived - Lack of sleep increases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, and cortisol increases appetite . Sleep deprivation can also lower willpower and decision making . So not only are you hungrier ,you are more likely to make poor food choices. - Sleep deprivation is a stressor and when you feel stressed you tend to choose high carb foods which will temporarily make you feel better and give you that instant energy boost . - When you are really tired, a hormone called Ghrelin is boosted while Leptin levels drop. Ghrelin increases hunger and Leptin tells you when you full and satisfied. So you are hungrier and you do not feel as full when you do eat so you eat more. - Getting a good nights sleep will help you recover , perform better and just feel a lot happier. A good nights sleep is key to following any fitness or weight loss plan . - Here are five tips to help you get into a good sleeping routine . - 1/Keep a Regular Sleep Routine You can help sleep along by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, as well as by sticking to your pre-bed routine so that your body knows that sleep is coming. - 2/Prepare a Sleep-Friendly Environment Cool, dark, and quiet are essential. Turn out the lights or use light-blocking curtains or shades. - 3/Avoid Caffeine After mid day If you must drink caffeine, avoid it after the afternoon, because it can increase your chances of insomnia later that night. - 4/Don't Exercise Right Before Bed Regular exercise can help you sleep better, but for some people, it can do the opposite and make them feel more active before sleep . - 5/Put all tech away Cell phones, computers, and tablets can all disrupt sleep because their glowing lights mimic daylight. And throw off your body’s natural clock .

Five Fatloss Tips

Your diet doesn’t always need to be perfect to lose fat , don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be . A few small changes will set you off in the right direction

When To Do Cardio

When is the best time to do cardio ? - Adding cardio into your current weight/fatloss program is a great way to burn extra calories , up your energy expenditure and keep your heart and lungs healthy . Although it shouldn’t be your main method to change your physique it is great tool that you can incorporate . - Timing your cardio around your workouts properly can complement your training and help you achieve better results . - Doing cardio after your weight session and not before will allow you to put full effort into your weight session meaning you will be able to work at the intensity you need and lift the appropriate volume . Doing cardio before your weight session can leave you drained and hinder your main workout . - Do your HIT after your workout and not before , it’s not a good idea to do Hit before working a large muscle with various compound lifts . You won’t have the energy and can up the potential for injury . - Try adding your cardio into your program on a separate day or split your workouts eg cardio in the morning , weights at night. - Cardiovascular training is not essential for fatloss and your nutrition and resistance training should be priority , then add cardio to burn extra calories when needed . -

Fat Loss Principles

Caloric deficit Expending more energy than you consume is essential for weight loss or fat loss . There are many methods to do so but I suggest managing your calories , tweaking your existing diet and following an exercise routine that will be beneficial towards your goals . - Sleep 7-9 hours a night . Sleep will allow you to recover but will also keep hunger in check and allow you to have enough energy to perform better the next day . - Weight Training Weight training will boost your metabolism , improve bone density , maintain muscle . Aim for two to six times per week and adapt program to the time you have available - Protein Protein is important to grow and maintain the muscle you have built , recover from workouts and keep you fuller while working on your diet . - Cardio Cardio is another tool for you to use to increase energy expenditure . I suggest finding an active hobbie that you can keep consistent with but walking is just as effective so keep track of your steps . -

How To Stop Binge Eating

When you are over restrictive with your diet it can cause you too eat excessively and doing this often can lead to a bad habit , weight gain and be detrimental to health . - Here are five tips to help you stop overeating . - ▪️if you are always hungry your body is trying to tell you something . Increase your calories to get rid of food cravings and raise your metabolism . - - ▪️There is no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite foods in moderation . By allowing yourself to eat the foods you enjoy can stop you from overeating . One piece of chocolate a day is better than several large bars a few times a week . - ▪️Having a cheat day can lead to bad relationship with food . Get rid of binge days and allow yourself to have a few treats throughout the week so that you will feel satisfied . - ▪️being too strict with your diet can be unsustainable , and sacrifices will have to be made , eating with family and friends etc . This can have a negative effect on the relationship you have with food . Instead try to follow a balanced diet that includes health foods and foods that you enjoy .Unless you have a short term goal that you are pushing for . - ▪️Never go shopping hungry ! Going shopping hungry can lead to you buying instant easy made foods and junk foods because you need to eat something fast . You could end up with a cupboard full of biscuits .

How To Start Getting Fitter

How to start getting fitter ! If your are just starting out and struggling with your overall goal and finding it difficult . Try to slow it down instead of trying to change everything at once take things one step at a time , break it down and once a new habbit is in place add another . - 1/Focus on your food . Try to eat single ingredient foods and home cooked regular meals . Create a small calorie deficit and try to build a routine . - - 2/Improve your sleep . Sleep has a big role on performance , recovery, mood and adherence to any plan . So work on getting enough sleep . - - 3/Make exercise a habbit . You don’t need to try and commit to five six days a week , make time to exercise once/twice a week , and as your fitness improves and your lifestyle changes momentum will pick up and you will be training every day before you know it . Even 20-30 minutes a day is a start . Make time ! - - 4/Stick to a simple plan . The basics will always work best ! Keep your plan simple and easy to follow . Get good at the basic exercises that will be best suited towards your goal . I would suggest learning and working on your compound lifts . - - 5/progressive overload Make sure that you are progressing with your plan and lifts , you should be getting stronger . Increase your weights whenever you are hitting your desired reps of a weight easily, this will insure you are putting the correct amount of stress on the muscle for progression . - 6/Permenant Change . Once you have made a small change over time it will be easier to make it a long lasting change and all the small changes will add up to being able to achieve your overall goal . Be consistent and patient .- -

Should I Track My Calories

When working towards a goal , fat-loss, weight gain or to maintain weight. Tracking your food will allow you to learn what nutrients are in each food and where your calories are coming from. By doing this you will be able to find out what is working for you. This will able you to build a meal structure, improve on nutritional deficiency’s and build some solid habits. After time you will be able know what macro nutrients/calories are in each food and you will be able to eat without tracking and still stay relatively close to your goal. However if you feel you are straying from new habits and meal plan you can always go back to tracking and tighten things up again to make sure you are consuming the right amounts and you are continuing to progress towards your goal. -


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